Leading world-class offsite transformation


Plan of high-volume structural panelization facility showing location of machinery, movement of materials and finished product

Offsite construction is at a tipping point.

Demand is unprecedented ......is your company ready?

Catalyst Offsite delivers the expertise, discipline and tools required to develop, integrate, accelerate and succeed at precision, offsite construction

  • Peer review

  • Factory planning

  • Growth planning

  • Design department planning (DfMA implementation)

  • Component libraries, product rationalization and simplification

  • "Single Source of Truth" parametric modeling implementation

  • Equipment specification and sourcing

  • Factory equipment design and fabrication

  • Jig and fixture design and fabrication

  • Supply chain optimization

  • IP opportunity proposals

  • Product offsite readiness

Our Clients

  • Companies currently providing, or planning to provide offsite manufacturing services, who need assistance with operational benchmarking, factory planning, staffing plans, setup.

  • Offsite manufacturers who lack internal DfMA capability and who want to refresh their product offering and / or production process

  • Offsite manufacturers who feel that "they could be doing better" and need to boost productivity, precision, the value of the product, etc.

  • Product suppliers who wish to accelerate the readiness of their products for use in offsite construction.

3D model of proposed panel production fixture

Completed low-cost, re-configurable, non-conductive fixture for spot-welded panel production

Detail of moveable location and clamping assemblies on CNC-machined location deck

Detail of structural spot welds on finished product

Parasolid model of full-room WC module for The Bow, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, courtesy Feature Walters. DfMA of module frame, assembly methods, hoisting platform led by Catalyst Offsite CTO Julian Bowron

Welding fixture for families of complex structural aluminum components

Full-scale checking fixture built with standardized, multi-purpose support frames

Completed components in checking fixture

CATALYST OFFSITE provides practical, targeted, technical and organizational solutions to simplify and accelerate offsite adoption

  1. Insight

    • Ask questions, study and synthesize the existing status and goals.

    • What is your market?

    • What are the technical and commercial challenges?

    • Where are you positioned?

    • What existing assets need to be integrated? (factories and equipment).

    • Build a proforma for the company.

  1. Structure

    • Propose a physical and organizational setup.

    • Put in place a design process / Create a Single Source of Truth working environment.

    • Factory.

    • Fixtures.

    • Equipment.

    • Production management.

    • Use of IP.

  1. Discipline

    • We sensitively guide and enforce

    • Continuous improvement

    • Ongoing innovation and IP development.

Projects can be scoped as planning only, or planning integrated with implementation.

Completed project, a 77-ton, seamless, aluminum structural frame for an atrium artwork, Conrad Hilton, NYC , NY, USA


CATALYST OFFSITE has developed and licensed a suite of offsite construction technologies that radically improve the speed, ease and safety of modular building assembly



Halos and hoisting rigs, including the "Drone halo" semi-autonomous hoisting rig


Self-locating, self-sealing MEP connections


Autonomous, powered, module locking system

Contact us for more information, or to add your innovative offsite-compatible product to this list!

CG-controlled, positive-docking hoisting platform for whole-room modules in action during a rare daytime lift

What can CATALYST OFFSITE do for you?

Before: View of new modular plant on day of occupancy

After 3 months : Setup complete, production underway

Moving a 10-ton, glass-and-granite-lined WC module on the working floor of a 60-story tower using air bearings