Julian Bowron

Chief Technology Officer

An innovative architectural design / manufacturing leader with an intuitive grasp of modularity, structures, BIM / MCAD design process, materials, building systems and the critical path.

35+ years creating and managing multi-disciplinary design and precision manufacturing teams and creating offsite manufacturing facilities that successfully delivered high-profile projects around the world.


Select Projects Completed by COCo Principals / 2005-2020

DfMA prototyping and patent applications for three unique modular construction systems, both deployed, global market

DfMA, plant design, setup, staffing and management, 12’ x 30’ AAA modular WC project, Canada

DfMA, production, patent process, module chassis assembly system, transfer equipment, Canada

DfMA, production and installation management, prefabricated façade rollout, major national fashion chain, multiple locations, USA

DfMA prototyping, tooling production and in-plant commissioning for data centre partitioning system, 11km / 6.8 miles produced, USA

DfMA, production and installation of a model-coordinated architectural spiral stairs, Seagram’s Building, Bloomberg HQ, 2 x Global retail flagships, USA

Operational review and reporting, large panelized wall system manufacturer, USA

DfMA, bathroom pods for production in China, installation in USA

DfMA, sculptural ceiling for parking structure, Canada

DfMA, fabrication and installation, complete large-scale interior, medical teleconferencing theatres, Canada

Design, patent process, semi-autonomous hoisting system, global market

DfMA, manufacturing, integration, installation, patent process, modular electronic housing, multiple locations, USA, Canada

Design, patent process, perimeter protection system (“humane minefield”) confidential location

Design, fabrication, commissioning, large scale fixturing for steel fabrication, multiple locations, USA and Canada

Design, construction, staffing, operation of DfMA / Industry 4.0 “War Room”, Canada

Factory planning and interim operational management oversight, steel panelized facility, KSA

Erection and staffing planning, 60,000 tons structural steel for top 60 floors of a 180 story building, KSA

Detailing assistance, functional prototype, self-powered incinerating WC, global

Design, tooling for 3500 feet stainless steel railings, Canada

Detailing, manufacturing troubleshooting, large-scale water flow testing apparatus

General market and process consulting services, modular producers in Korea, KSA, USA