Design and Fabrication Services

COCo operates a 10,000 sf, clear span Offsite Construction Support facility includes all the required staff, computers, software and equipment for designing and fabricating prototypes, production fixtures, plant equipment and testing rigs.

Detailed Capabilities:

1. Product development, application engineering and patent process for the modular and offsite construction industries

2. DfMA / 3D design support in a fully-parametric, single source of truth environment based on SolidWorks

3. Precision offsite component production jigs and fixtures at a wide range of scales:

3.1. Fixtures for the production of offsite subassemblies such as stairs, roofs, walls, floor panels, partitions, hot and cold aisle separation panels, cooling systems, integrated pour stops, etc.

3.2. Fixtures for the production of full volumetric frames for bathroom pods, etc.

3.3. General welding fixtures for the machining and production of precision components such as curtainwall mounting brackets, elevator guiderail brackets, pivoting doors, etc.

4. Factory and site equipment:

4.1. Re-configurable assembly tables, work supports, transfer dollies, workstations

4.2. Tilt-up and drop-in connections

4.3. Track systems and low-friction dollies for manual module movement

4.4. Haloes, including powered, self-orienting “drone” haloes

5. Molds and patterns for the production of composite façade panels, balcony liners and Ultra-High Performance Concrete panels

6. Structural, fire, wind, seismic and other testing rigs for connections, build-ups and assemblies

7. Elite architectural fabrication including complex forms, spiral stairs, screens, etc. in stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, etc.

For those of you who know the immediate impact of this kind of facility, skills and capabilities, call us. For those who want to know more, look forward to updates on “The ROI of Precision”.